This Is My Truth. Tell Me Yours.

I am a photographer, it has been my way of expressing my feelings and emotions for many years. What I may see and document may make other's feel different to what I intended, but for me it is telling my story on how I am feeling at that time. I have suffered with mental health issues for nearly 20 years. The emotions for this at times have been unbearable and extremely challenging. I strive to be a travel photographer, yet I find it extremely difficult to travel at times.

My work takes me to remote locations at dawn and dusk, the light can be stunning but for some reason I don't feel on top of the world like I should, nervous and anxious and frightened. It is utterly draining at times, but on reflection I would not change any of it. It is what it is, and I have to deal with it. It has moulded me into the person I am, I now understand why I challenge myself in the great outdoors, it's because I really do love the great outdoors. It has helped me overcome so much, even when at times I find it so demanding.

I sometimes feel mental health is misunderstood, I don't understand it at times, and I have had to deal with it for many years. There are stigmas attached, I often think if we were to just talk about it a little more and just be honest about the way we feel, it not only makes the person suffering feel relived, but it can only open the mindset of the people that do not deal with it on a daily basis.

The idea behind, This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours.

I have been wanting to create a body of work showcasing how people around the UK use the British countryside as a release to the daily pressure of life. I would like to meet people in all corners of Britain who want to tell their story. You may ride a horse, row a boat along a river or run across mountains, paint bluebell woods in spring or fly falcons across the moors. You may even just enjoy being outside during the summer months watching dragonflies scooting across fields and fens.

The British Countryside is there for all of us, it is very unique, and with our seasons offers a beautiful place to retreat to. More importantly it is free.

So if you have read this and feel that your story would help many others then please feel free to contact me via the website and I will get in touch with you. I will be traveling all over the UK. All of our stories are reactions to circumstances of the past. If your story can be a positive to somebody else then I will be happy to help you express it.

An Example Of My Circumstances.

The picture below looks like one of peace and tranquility, it is literally one hour from my home, but for some reason I have had great problems in visiting. I have no idea at times why, I get nervous and short of breath when traveling across the mountain pass to the destination. The adrenalin starts to run around my body, and an upsetting feeling comes across. I get disappointed in myself, angry and depressed. Why is this happening, am I going to be okay, even the fear of death. It sounds ridiculous for somebody who's aim is to be a travel and documentary photographer. Some people would ask me why I put myself through it. It is because deep down I love what I do, I look back at my work remembering when times were bad and think well done, you managed it.

I have been back many times, some visits are better than others, but once the fresh air is in my lungs and the camera gear is with me the feelings disappear for moments. Clear relief and my love for my photography pours out into what I want the viewer to see.

I understand much better now how my mind works, not all the time though. But being outside is great. Even if not at the time, you can look back at what you have achieved and say well done.

I am now thinking to myself about the phrase, pictures never lie. Sometimes they do.

Facts On Mental Health.
  • People with a mental illness are more likely to be a victim of violence.

  • 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in any given year.

  • We probably all work with someone experiencing a mental health problem.

  • 1 in 10 young people will experience a mental health problem.

  • 9 out of 10 people with mental health problems experience stigma and discrimination.

  • Nearly three in four young people fear the reactions of friends when they talk about their mental health problems.